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      Lin Yifu: "4000000000000" China is still insufficient investment in infrastructure
      Even under the 2008 implementation of China's 4 trillion stimulus plan, vigorously develop the infra...
      [ 2017/8/31 ]More>>
      High-end equipment manufacturing industry to the value chain, to go to seek a breakthrough development
      High-end equipment manufacturing, to say, a symbol of a country's core competitiveness, related to t...
      [ 2017/8/31 ]More>>
      Natural gas commercial vehicles has become a global trend
      As a vehicle fuel, LNG (liquefied natural gas) compared to traditional fuel fuel with a high octane,...
      [ 2017/8/31 ]More>>
      Emerging Asian countries, demand for photovoltaic average annual growth rate of 28%
      NPD Solarbuzz's latest report noted that emerging solar market in the Asia-Pacific region and Centra...
      [ 2017/8/31 ]More>>
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