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      U.S. light vehicle sales hit the highest single month since 2007
      In March 2013, the U.S. light-vehicle sales of 1.45 million, an increase of about 3% compared to the...
      [ 2017/8/31 ]More>>
      Visit the National People's Congress, in the aircraft industry to fly Mengxiang Kai, chairman of
      2012 is a crucial year for China's general aviation industry in Meng Xiangkai eyes. The state has ad...
      [ 2017/8/31 ]More>>
      South Korea's shipbuilding industry is set to "Wang furnace" bake "tidal"
      As high Jae-ho after the New Year gathering at the meeting of the Korea Shipbuilders' Association sa...
      [ 2017/8/31 ]More>>
      Manufacturing upgrade driven robot needs to build base
      The shipbuilding industry is one of Korea's most important manufacturing industries and pillar indus...
      [ 2017/8/31 ]More>>
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